Otoro – rare delicacy for sashimi connoisseurs!

May 13, 2016

Sushi Wawa is proud to present the rarest and most precious delicacy for sashimi connoisseurs – ‘Otoro’ – supreme Blue Fin Tuna Belly. It’s coming to us direct from Japan’s famous fish market, Tsukiji in Tokyo on weekends only, when available.

Otoro is the very finest-quality cut of tuna taken from the fish underbelly. It features marbling throughout which is graded, similar to beef grading. Rich in Omega 3 oils, Otoro simply melts in your mouth.

Sliced with perfection and served nigiri-style by our talented Japanese chefs. If you love sashimi, it doesn’t get better than Otoro!

Price $9.90 per piece.  Weekends only, limited and subject to availability.

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