George Yamahara Japanese Head Chef

With experience spanning 18 years, George Yamahara adds amazing finesse to Sushi Wawa’s repertoire. After opening his own sushi bar restaurant, he later became head chef at one of Perth's finest Japanese dining restaurants before leading the Sushi Wawa team. George’s loves…? Designing the beauty of edible art and perfection.

“We care 150% about what we create in our kitchen. I believe this extra care goes straight to people’s heart .”

Mitsunori Nishida Japanese Senior Sous Chef

Following 10 years in the 'Kaiten' sushi kitchens across Perth, Mitsunori (Nori) Nishida has a unique flair for flavour. He loves working as part of a professional Japanese chef team and adds his special touch to every dish he creates. Nori’s favorite touch of flavours...? Tradition and creativity.

“I love being right there, working in front of our customers. They see everything we do and we see them enjoying our craft.”

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